Perhaps the world’s most well known turkey choke, the Gobblin Thunder choke tube from Kick's Industries are the original extended-ported chokes that set the bar for every other choke tube on the market.

Kick's begins the manufacturing process by using superior quality 17-4PH grade bar stock, which eliminates problems with weak seams encountered with other lower-quality products. All Kick's chokes are completely smooth inside the bore, and the unique conical/parallel design, together with exclusive outward angled diagonal ports, improve patterns by up to 20% in increased density. The ports also reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil, giving hunters faster, more accurate  and more comfortable follow up shots.

Gobblin Thunder chokes extend from the barrel approximately 1-3/8", and easily converts most 10, 12, 16 and 20ga. factory threaded barrels from a mild mannered bird gun into a turkey hunting specialist.

"Gobblin Thunder" chokes are not recommended for steel shot or Hevi-shot.