Moultrie Products all-new Dinner Plate Feeder Kit dispenses feed on demand and can accommodate both corn and protein for maximum flexibility. Available options include the Dinner Plate Feeder Kit, 30-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder, or the 55-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder. The specially designed adapter included can be used to convert most barrels and hoppers to receive the quick locking Dinner Plate Kit.

Moultrie’s Dinner Plate Feeder Kit has been designed to offer flexible feeding options, while eliminating the need for batteries or relying on electronic timers, providing a simple yet effective feeder. This feeder design accommodates corn or protein – up to 2.25” in length and .25” in diameter – and feeds deer on their schedule. The Moultrie Dinner Plate Feeder Kit has an MSRP of $39.99.

Moultrie’s 30-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder is less than 6 feet in height, making it extremely easy to fill from ground level. A high-quality, UV-resistant hopper is designed to weather the elements for many seasons and also features three integrated camera mounts allowing you to monitor feeding activity. The Moultrie 30-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder has an MSRP of $109.99.

Moultrie’s 55-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder has a 400-lb feed capacity, perfect for feeding protein, but also great for feeding corn with less frequent visits to the feeder. The 55-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder will keep game coming for weeks. The Moultrie 55-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder has an MSRP of $199.99.