The new WiLO-TV app will soon be launched for outdoor enthusiasts looking for real time TV adventure.


The new WiLO-TV app will soon be available for uploading pre-recorded content and live streaming hunting, fishing, shooting sports and other similar outdoor activities. It will be available for Android and Apple devices in addition to a web-based platform — all without a subscription fee.

Anyone can have their own channel and be a WiLO-TV Superstar on the platform, and subscribers will receive a push notification whenever channels go live or when new content has been loaded. Subscribers will also have the ability to comment on live broadcasts and have real time engagement during and after the broadcast. Outfitters and guides can also live stream hunting and fishing adventures, and viewers can be there in real time. Viewers will also be able to view manufacturers’ latest and greatest gear items — the newest lures, guns, ammo, bows, reels, etc. — and learn how to use them for the best results. WiLO-TV is dedicated to the outdoors and has something for every outdoor enthusiast. It is scheduled to launch mid-June 2021. MSRP: Free app. Click here for more information.


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