Wisconsin’s wolf season has only been open for two week and already hunters and trappers have harvested 121 wolves.

DNR Large Carnivore Specialist David MacFarland gives his reasons for the quick season in an interview with WSAW-TV.

"It has gone very quickly this year," DNR Large Carnivore Specialist David MacFarland said. "The pace of harvest that we're seeing is an indication of hunter effort. It appears that our hunters and trappers are recognizing that zones are going to close relatively quickly, and that's providing additional motivation to get out early in the season and take advantage of the opportunity once the season opens."

MacFarland says most wolf kills are done through trapping.

"Trapping has become the most common method of take. Roughly 75 to 80 percent of the wolves taken have been taken with traps."

Four out of the six wolf zones are already closed for meeting or exceeding quotas — zones three and six remain open. The total wolf quota for the state this season is 150.

McFarland said that livestock incidents from wolves are down dramatically since the start of the wolf hunts two years ago.

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