Recently, to avoid the doldrums of early spring, I enlisted some buddies and embarked on a Lone Star hog hunt. Texas, infamous for its hog population, is one of my favorite bowhunting destinations and I couldn’t wait to head south and skewer some swine with my bowhunting brothers.

After arriving at Dos Plumas Ranch, owner Allen Williams informed me he had some rams roaming the property. Always up for a low-fence spot-and-stalk adventure, I handed off the camera to my hunting buddy J.C. Navarro and we went roaming the Dos.

A few hours into our search for a worthy ram, J.C. spied a pair of Corsicans feeding in the distance. After a long crawl, the rams moved into an opening between some cedars and I was able to get to my feet and make a quick move. After drawing my bow on the largest ram, I let down. I wasn’t sure the ram was big enough. However, a second look prompted me to draw again, settle my pin, and release an arrow.

My 42-yard shot was a bit lower than I’d liked, but the ram was quartering away from my position and the 3-bladed mechanical opened the bottom of his heart. His death sprint was short, and a quick tracking job led me to my Texas prize.

The ram was a battler. His horns were worn and cracked. Plus, his left ear had a gash in it and the hair was rubbed away giving the wound a distinct white-colored look. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few days in early March. Can you?

Note: My gear for this hunt included a 2014 Bear Agenda 6, Rocket 3-blade Steelhead XL, Trophy Taker React One sight, Easton Axis arrows, and a TightSpot Quiver.