Kevin Alexander and his son Blake never expected to see two mountains lions swim across Shasta Lake in northern California during a fishing trip on the lake. And yet, according to KRCR, it happened.

Thanks to today’s times, 11-year-old Blake was quick in grabbing his phone and recording the action, which can be seen in the post below.

“We see two things in the water that we had never seen before, so we stopped, turned around for a quick second and next thing you know we see two large mountain lions swimming across the lake,” Kevin told KRCR.

The video shows the predators swim right by the boat, across the rest of the lake and climb out of the water and up an embankment. Father and son told the TV station they never felt threatened.

“I was excited,” Blake told KRCR. “I wasn’t really scared because mountain lions really can’t get out of the water when they’re swimming in the middle of the lake.”

Kevin told the TV station they had seen mountain lions in the area but never in the water. He added he assumed all cats didn’t like water, but retracted, “They seemed very, very comfortable. They were very, very strong swimmers.”

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