Gemtech has been well known for years as one of the go-to cans for the best of America’s special operations community. And its no secret the company’s suppressors can stand up to the rigors of battle.

But like many other suppressor manufacturers out there, Gemtech is making inroads with the hunting set, posting a new slick video showcasing its cans in the field.

Partnering with top tier companies like PWS, Nemo and the wildly popular Kryptek camouflage, Gemtech lays out its case for making the transition from military utility to hunting practicality. The short piece takes viewers along with a team of about a half dozen sportsmen hiking the hills and plying the streams of Idaho’s backcountry in search of the wily canines.

“You gotta make sure you have the right gear for the job. … Just like on the battlefield, every little detail has to be addressed,” the narrator says. “This is why I hunt. This is why I use Gemtech.”