Geoff Nemich uses cover and concealment to help hunters, Duff Arrants and Joe Jaramillo, bag a coyote near a cattle herd in Predator Xtreme's Stand of the Week.

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Hunters: Duff Arrants, Joe Jaramillo

Cameraman: Geoff Nemnich

Location: Nebraska

Time: 11:30 AM

Time On Stand: 5 minutes

Sounds Used: High-pitched closed-reed hand call, lip squeaks

Wind: Left to right, quartering in our face

Gun/Ammo: .223 AR, 50 grain V-max

Moon Phase: First quarter

Shot Distance: 42 yards

Other Gear: DepSoc 360 camo

Geoff Nemnich has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life and his addiction for calling coyotes started more than 18 years ago. As a member of Cabela's Pro Staff and the Ambush Firearms and DepSoc 360 Pro Teams, Geoff has the opportunity to spend numerous days in the field each season and is extremely passionate about sharing his love for coyote hunting with others. Each year, Geoff travels throughout the West filming coyotes hunts for the Coyote Craze DVD series and has the privilege of teaching new coyote hunters his tricks of the trade while conducting classes at one of the few predator hunting instructional school in the country. Geoff has two boys, Creighton and Carver, and being able to share his love for the outdoors with them has been an extremely rewarding experience. For more information visit