Austin, Texas-based TrackingPoint made waves a couple years ago with the world's first rifle that integrated a computerized, multi-function site with a precision long-range rifle. The TrackingPoint XS series of rifles came in 300 WinMag and 338 Lapua, coupling a custom-made rifle with a site that combined ranging, wind speed and direction, elevation and location all in a "heads up display" viewed through the scope.

Now, TrackingPoint has launched another series of precision guided firearms based on the AR platform, jumping into the ever popular market of modern sporting rifle shooters.

The new 500 Series AR rifles from TrackingPoint come in 5.56, 7.62 and 300 BLK and include a computerized sight similar to the SX series of long-range rifles.

"The three PGF rifles … incorporate the company's ground-breaking Tag Track Xact technology, accurately locking onto and hitting moving targets at distances up to 500 yards," the company says. "We expect not only strong demand for the 500 Series AR products, but also a growing demand for our technology across the industry."

The 500 series will be available for special order this year and the technological accuracy comes at a steep price. The whole 500 rifle package comes in at a whopping $9,950, so only the most devoted AR shooters are likely to throw lead with this puppy.

While priced well outside the everyday shooter's budget, the TrackingPoint 500 Series ARs represent a cutting edge paradigm in modern sporting rifle design and point to exciting technological capabilities that may one day be available for most firearms enthusiasts.

Watch a 25-minute documentary on this technology via YouTube.

UPDATE: According to Engadget, TrackingPoint claims the US military is testing its computer-guided "smart" rifle:

According to a startup called TrackingPoint, the military bought six of its precision-guided firearms that can cost between $10,000 to $27,000 each.