There’s one thing that us predator hunters are guilty of: sitting on our butts a lot! That’s not a bad thing — unlike that freeloader down the road who hasn’t had a job for years yet it still seems to always have the latest smartphone and a nice SUV.

No, predator hunters do a lot of patient sitting and waiting for that coyote or cat to appear in a shooting window. Sometimes those sits are only a few minutes while others could last up to an hour when trying to call in a mountain lion or a black bear. For some, those long sits may require a dose of Preparation H, but for others there are some easy remedies to guarantee your bum doesn’t go numb, stays dry or remains cactus-free.

Let’s begin on the cheap. For years I’ve stashed black garbage bags in my predator backpack and they serve a twofold purpose. First, I use them to keep my rear dry. Most of my predator hunting takes place in the winter months and in Wyoming that means there’s snow or frozen mud on the ground. In either case, my warm rear will melt whatever is beneath me quickly leaving me with a wet, muddy and uncomfortable backside. Garbage bags are lightweight, easy to deploy and even if I shift I’ve never had a coyote run due to the slight sound the plastic may make. What’s the second purpose? I use the garbage bag as a barrier to ensure no fleas or other vermin coyotes may be carrying make the jump from them to me. It also reduces blood stains on my clothes or backpack during the pack out. Toss a couple in your backpack as a backup.

Turkey hunters own the vest market, but today that market has extended to the predator enthusiast. One of the best on the market is Cabela’s Speedy ‘Yote Kickstand Vest. Many vests come with a padded seat, but the Cabela’s version includes a memory foam seat with a frame for back stability and it’s easy to deploy. You no longer need to look for a tree to rest your back against. It’s all in the vest. Big pockets, an airflow back, padded shoulder pads and numerous other amenities make this a purchase to consider. You might like it so much that you will use it for turkeys, deer, elk, etc.

If you don’t like adding another layer to your hunting attire or simply like to keep it simple, how about considering a portable chair or stool? Hunters Specialties has several traditional models, plus the Two-Way Strut Seat that keeps you low but in chair comfort. It does require a tree for a solid backrest. However, it’s lightweight, simple and keeps your tush above terra firma. For an innovative, hunter-designed version look into the HuntMore 360 collapsible chair. This collapsible chair includes a padded back and seat that are cushioned with cell foam pad pockets to distribute weight evenly. It also sports lumbar support.

I’ve got to admit. I’m still a Hefty bag kind of guy, but one of these days I’ll move up in the world. It may take a world record prickly pear cactus to protect my bum more, but that’s the gamble I’m willing to take at this time in my predator career.