The ballots have been counted and the winners announced for Predator Xtreme’s first Readers’ Choice Awards.

“Our focus at Predator Xtreme magazine has always been to provide our readers — America’s most serious predator hunters — with cutting-edge information to help them become more efficient afield,” says Editor Bob Robb. “The Predator Xtreme Reader’s Choice Awards are a unique reflection of the gear they prefer to help them become more successful.”

When we ask our readers what gear they trust in the field they don’t hold punches. They live by Predator Xtreme’s slogan — Hunt Hard, Shoot Straight, Kill Clean, Apologize To No One — and they didn’t apologize when they told us exactly what products they count on. So here are the unfiltered winners of the 2013 Predator Xtreme Readers’ Choice Awards.

Bolt-Action Rifle

Gold: Remington

Silver: Savage Arms

Bronze: Ruger

AR-Style Rifle

Gold: DPMS

Silver: Remington

Bronze: Rock River Arms


Gold: Remington

Silver: Mossberg

Bronze: Benelli


Gold: Crosman

Silver: Gamo

Bronze: RWS


Gold: Hevi-Shot

Silver: Remington

Bronze: Winchester

Rifle Ammo

Gold: Hornady

Silver: Winchester

Bronze: Remington

Hunting Pellet

Gold: Crosman

Silver: Gamo

Bronze: RWS

Aftermarket Trigger

Gold: Timney Triggers

Silver: Jewell Triggers

Bronze: Geissele Automatics

Rifle Scope

Gold: Leupold

Silver: Nikon

Bronze: Bushnell

Red Dot

Gold: Aimpoint

Silver: EOTech and Bushnell tied

Bronze: Burris

Reflex Sight

Gold: EOTech

Silver: Sightmark

Bronze: TruGlo

Night Vision/Thermal

Gold: ATN

Silver: FLIR

Bronze: Pulsar


Gold: Nikon

Silver: Bushnell

Bronze: Leupold


Gold: Bushnell

Silver: Nikon

Bronze: Leupold

Electronic Call


Silver: Johnny Stewart

Bronze: Primos

Mouth Call

Gold: Primos

Silver: Crit’r Call

Bronze: Three-Way Tie:

Knight & Hale


Johnny Stewart


Gold: Mojo

Silver: FOXPRO

Bronze: Primos

Shooting Sticks

Gold: Primos

Silver: Stoney Point

Bronze: Hunter’s Specialties

Shotgun Choke Tube

Gold: Carlson

Silver: Remington

Bronze: Kicks


Gold: Harris

Silver: Caldwell

Bronze: Primos


Gold: Rocky

Silver: Danner

Bronze: LaCrosse


Gold: Cabela’s

Silver: Carhartt

Bronze: Tie: Under Armor and Columbia Gear

Camo Pattern

Gold: Mossy Oak

Silver: Realtree

Bronze: Natural Gear

Scent Elimination

Gold: Hunter’s Specialties

Silver: Dead Down Wind

Bronze: Wildlife Research Center


Gold: Tink’s

Silver: Wildlife Research Center

Bronze: Code Blue

Misting Scent

Gold: Tink’s Coyote Mist

Silver: Porath Game Calls Coyote Mist

Bronze: Buck Bomb’s Predator Bomb

Ground Blind

Gold: Primos

Silver: Ameristep

Bronze: Ghillie Suits Ground Blind


Gold: Buck

Silver: Gerber

Bronze: Case


Gold: Garmin

Silver: Magellan

Bronze: Bushnell

Reloading Components

Gold: RCBS

Silver: Hornady

Bronze: Tie: Dillion and Lee Precision

New Product

Gold: FOXPRO Fox Jack Decoy

Silver: FOXPRO Shockwave

Bronze: Tie: Mojo Double Trouble Decoy and Hornady’s 17 Hornet

Favorite Video

Gold: Primos The Truth – Calling All Coyotes

Silver: Randy Anderson ­– Verminator

Bronze: Byron South – Coming To The Call

Favorite Predator Magazine

Gold: Predator Xtreme

Silver: Varmint Hunter

Bronze: Fur-Fish-Game

Favorite Predator Xtreme Article

Gold: Caller For Hire: Tom Austin

Silver: Hot Tips: Randy Smith

Bronze: All About Guns: Steve Carpenteri

Favorite Predator Xtreme Writer

Gold: Tom Austin

Silver: Tie: Mark Kayser and Bob Robb

Bronze: Steve Carpenteri

Favorite Predator TV Show

Gold: “Predator Quest”

Silver: “FOXPRO Furtakers”

Bronze: “Predator Nation”