reflective tape hunting
Adding strips of reflective tape to your nighttime-hunting gear will save you time when trying to locate all of it after each hunting stand. More time means more setups.

Place reflective red tape on electronic calls, shooting sticks and chairs. The tape, originally intended for taillight repair, is inexpensive, and you can purchase it at any auto store or auto department.

Place a strip of tape on the antennae of your electronic call, and you will always be aware of its location while scanning with lights. This is handy before and after a calling session.

Prior to calling, locate the call in the red glow of the spotlight and adjust the intensity of the light beam accordingly. Light beam intensity needs to vary from night to night, depending on atmospheric conditions. It is nice to have something with which to “test” your brightness before calling.

After a calling session, shine your light, and the tape will act as a beacon for quick call retrieval. No more wasting time and precious battery life searching for remotely placed calls.

You should also place reflective tape on your shooting sticks and seat. I’ll bet I’m not the only hunter who has raced across a field after hearing the tell-tale “whump” of a predator just shot, only to realize that I couldn’t get back to my stool and shooting sticks. Oh sure, you eventually find them, but you lose precious minutes of hunting time due to the search.

Reflective tape ensures quick equipment retrieval and prevents wandering around wasting battery life and giving any game in the area a look at your flashlight waving around while trying to locate gear.