Kathy Cook had enough of the coyotes roaming Simi Valley and decided to do something about it.

CBS LA reports Cook built an electric fence, complete with five strands of barbed wire, around her yard. However, city officials have told Cook she has 60 days to turn off electricity to the fence and take down the barbed wire.

Though it was a complaint that initiated the city’s decision, an official told CBS LA the fence is against the development code. Cook’s only response was hope the city will offer new options for coyotes.

“I don’t want to hurt them. I’m not here to harm them. I just don’t want them here in my yard,” Cook told CBS LA.

Cook’s motivation to building the fence is similar to many L.A. citizens — her dog was snatched from her yard by a coyote about a year ago. “I found her collar, no blood, no nothing,” Cook told CBS LA.

The news station reports coyotes in the Simi Valley area have recently gotten more aggressive due to a drought. The California Fish & Wildlife (DFW) has organized a meeting this month to discuss protecting families and animals.