New furniture adorns the entire line of DDM4 rifles from Daniel Defense as well as the hunting ARs from Ambush Firearms. The texture of the new furniture is aesthetically pleasing and provides a good, solid grip whether the shooter is gloved or not.

The pistol grip is designed to mimic the angle and feel of a 1911 pistol in order to improve on the ergonomics of the standard A2-style grip and upgrades which follow its design. The rubber over-molding provides a comfortable, sure grip. The pistol grip has an integrated trigger guard.

The new vertical grip features the same basic design as previous Daniel Defense vertical grips but now incorporates the same rubber over-molding as the new pistol grip for sure control and a consistent look. It has a small, watertight internal storage compartment sealed with dual O-rings.

The redesigned buttstock has an improved cheek weld and has interchangeable buttpads for a perfect fit. It also has a limited-rotation QD swivel attachment point for slings; attachment can be made on either side. The cheek weld surface features the same texture as the grips for a consistent, solid weld and steady shots.