Trapping is one of the best ways to learn woodsmanship, test your skills making sets that can fool wary animals and also simply enjoy the outdoors.

Veterans and novices alike can pick up tips and products while meeting like-minded folks at the 59th National Trappers Association convention. It’s scheduled for July 26-28 in Escanaba, Mich.

More than 20 speaking and demonstration sessions will be held during the three-day convention. These sessions will be about an hour each, meaning the presenters will be succinct with their info. Good info in a quick format is a great way to pick up a few ideas for running your trap lines.

Some of the topics include trapping from a canoe, winter coyote trapping, cage trapping, snaring and specific presentations on beaver, otter, raccoon, bobcat, canines and others. Saturday afternoon, longtime hunter Tom Miranda will give a session about how trapping made him a better bowhunter. Miranda has traveled around the world, but honed his skills years ago running traplines and studying the animals he was targeting. Those skills have helped him ever since in figuring out how to hunt deer, elk and other wildlife.

The convention also will have dozens of vendors, from state trapping associations to companies with products such as traps, lures, knives and more. The convention website also includes info about fishing charters, which would be pretty cool for a summer outing.

If you’re interested, check out the NTA site for vendors, lodging and more.