In his 11 years as a conservation officer, Rob Howe had never seen anything like this.

The Idaho Fish and Game Senior Conservation Officer was recently parked deep in the mountains of Eastern Idaho when he saw a mountain lion wandering down the street where his truck was parked.

“My God, it’s a mountain lion,” the Teton Valley News reports Howe said to fellow officer Andrew Sorenson, who he was on the phone with at the time. Howe got off the phone then began recording the video below.

As seen, the mountain lion casually strolls down the dirt road, going straight to Howe’s truck before taking a right and disappearing into the woods. The Teton Valley News reports Howe said he got out of his truck once the critter cleared the wood line and he watched the cat for a minute before it spotted him and bolted into the wilderness.

Howe was surprised by the encounter, to say the least.

“I don’t expect that to happen again. It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” he told the paper. “Chalk it up to bad cell coverage.”

The irony of the story, the Teton Valley News reports, is Howe was parked where he was solely because the spot had better cell coverage than most of the area. Howe was on the phone with Sorenson to receive directions for his needed location to keep an eye on elk hunters. Next thing you know, a mountain lion was walking his way.