An Idaho hunter shot a mountain lion with fangs growing out of the side of its skull in southeast Idaho. The conservation officer who inspected the cat sent photos to biologist in the Fish and Game division to get some answers. Apparently, the biologists were just as stunned and confused as everyone else.

A number of theories have been circulating around the internet. Some say it’s a mythological chimera, which is said to have a lion body with a fire-breathing goat head protruding from its back and a snake for a tail. Other theories include a teratoma tumor. While rare, these tumors can have hair, bone and teeth in them. Perhaps the most plausible explanation for the bizarre teeth is that they are the remnants of a conjoined twin.

The hunter plans to have the mountain lion stuffed by a taxidermist. Wildlife biologist hope to be able to take x-ray the animal’s head and do an in-depth analysis before that happens.























The Idaho Department of Fish and Game shared a few facts and some additional information regarding the harvest of this mountain lion and its unusual deformity. Click here for more information.

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Featured photo: Idaho Fish and Game