What would prompt hundreds of predator hunters to call for fox and coyotes for over 40 straight hours while facing harsh weather conditions and sleep deprivation? The answer is Foxpro’s New York State Predator Hunt. The contest, which started with four teams in 2003, has grown steadily to 147 two-man teams in 2012.The focus of the event, which is hosted by the Bark at the Moon Coyote Club, is to provide a friendly predator hunting event for hunters of all experience and skill levels. The hunt features cash and trophies for the top four teams, based on a point system, and numerous door prizes from the industry’s leading companies. The legendary check-in features great food, drink, vendors, a Q&A session, and awards ceremony.

Sleepy-eyed hunters, who perhaps came in with no more than stories of near misses, are in awe at the sight of dozens of fox and coyotes that are brought in by successful hunters. In 2012, 90 fox and 9 coyotes were checked in. The first place winners came in with 6 fox and 2 coyotes while the second place team had 4 fox and 2 coyotes. A visit to the contest website will reveal a history of complete statistics of past years hunts.

The winning tactics and strategies used in this hunt have been well documented in past Predator Xtreme articles (see The Secret is Out, January 2008 and The Perfect Plan, June 2010). Last year’s winners, Chad Parnell and David Griffin, credit thorough scouting and letting their main hunting areas remain un-called until contest time. They pre-planned their travel routes to minimize travel time while maximizing hunting time. When the weather turned for the worst, the pair had to alter their plans and concentrate on smaller, wind-protected areas. The pair of hunters called all night long for two nights and slept during the day.

All hunters are invited to join the fun of the 2013 Foxpro’s New York State Predator Hunt on January 25,26 and 27. For full details, including entry forms, visit www.bucksnorthuntingworld.com or call (585) 223-5324.