On Saturday October 13, 2012, my fiancé and I loaded up our gear and headed to a coworker’s property in Floyd County, Virginia to do a little coyote hunting.

I was excited because this property had never been hunted for coyotes.

We set up on a fence line between two freshly cut cornfields. I set the Foxpro Spitfire 25 yards out and began the dying-jackrabbit sound, which echoed across the land.

Just minutes into the stand and only minutes of light left, I heard my coworker say, “What’s that?”

Before I could get my eyes on anything I heard a gasp of air rushing into my fiancés mouth. There he was, 60 yards out just sitting there! He was surveying the area to make sure it was safe before coming any closer.

The dark body in the cornfield patiently waited as I turned and locked the sights on him. He wasn’t sure and stood up to leave. As he stood, I unleashed a Hornady 50-grain V-MAX in .223. I watched him run another 60 yards before dropping. Lung shot is better than no shot! Finally, I got my first coyote.

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