Joe Ceja | Arizona

My brother-in-law introduced me to predator hunting 3 years ago. I’ve been hooked ever since, often spending many weekends in the woods with my Dad. We take the FOXPRO out and let it scream, all while keeping our fingers crossed that a predator will show interest and that my aim will be steady.

So after reading the October issue of Predator Xtreme, I really grasped the article talking about sound selection. It made a lot of sense about picking a sound that would attract more than one type of predator. He referenced using Bay Bee Cottontail, so that’s what I did when I headed out to my parents place in Payson, Arizona over the weekend. I put in three stands, each started with the Bay Bee Cottontail sound. On the last stand on the 25-minute mark this big bobcat came dancing in along the tree line at 125 yards and as soon as he broke through the tree line, I let my Varmageddon eat.

This is my first cat and it’s a big accomplishment for me. I’ve called in ’yotes, gray fox, black bear and elk, but nothing compares to calling in elusive predators such as the bobcat. I’m blessed to have a understanding wife who allows me the free time to take my Foxpro out for walks cause she knows how stir crazy it can get being stuck in the house. Thanks for all the help and inspiration your magazine and field staff provide. Hopefully my picture(s) and story can make your From The Readers section.