Stan Burt | Idaho

FTR-Small-LogoI howled in a pack of 10 wolves. I was hiding behind trees and moving upslope as I howled. The terrain was scattered standing timber with blow downs and knee-high grass. I peered around a tree and all 10 wolves were on the run bounding right towards me. They rushed right by me, one striking me with its body on my left leg. I targeted one wolf and killed it. Then I tried to target another, but was unable to because of the trees. The wolves began to scatter after the gunshot. They "barked" at me for a few seconds after I shot and as they began to move away through the timber.

It’s hard to explain in words what happened during those the 30 to 60 seconds and the adrenaline rush. I was by myself and the wolves surely had the advantage if they wanted to attack me. I carried the wolf out "slowly" on my back. By the time I skinned out the wolf and worked my way back to the same area, a couple of hours had past. The wolves answered my howl again, but would not come in this time. Evening was setting in so I gave up the hunt and headed to Boise the next morning to check in my wolf and take it to my taxidermist.  

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