Jace Wyatt | Arizona

FTR-Small-LogoIt was a brisk morning and my friend James and I were out hunting coyotes. The day started off bad. We had a coyote catch our scent on our first stand. We hopped back in the Jeep and drove about a mile down the road to where we could see a deep canyon about a mile off of the road. I decided to pull off and park and we started the pack in.

From the Readers Arizona BobcatWe got to the canyon and decided to set up and call. I started with jackrabbit-distress sounds on my hand call. I called softly while carefully looking around. I continued this for about three minutes. I turned and peeked to my left and saw a bobcat sitting there not 10 feet away! I slowly swung my .204 Ruger over and was able to shoot the big tom as he was trying to get away. I’ll always remember this hunt as it was the first time I called in a bobcat — and I couldn’t be happier.

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