From The ReadersJonathan Hinde | New Mexico

My second year of pursuing a javelina trophy was finally a great success! My brother Paul came to help me scout the southwestern portion of New Mexico to hunt some collared peccary. We would have also been joined by my good coyote hunting friend, Logan, would have but he was training in Texas for the Air Force.

My interest had been sparked by a DVD, All Charged Up (available at It is about archery hunting javelina and was created by a man from Silver City, New Mexico, named John Trewern, who unfortunately passed away from a heart attack on February 27. He will be missed by the hunting community as well as the other lives he touched.

In fact, the rifle I used was given to me this last Christmas by my grandfather, who passed away exactly one month before John. So, thank you Predator Xtreme, Grandpa Benny and Mr. Trewern for the skill sets you helped me gain for another successful and fun hunt!

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