Erick Buckland | Kansas

FTR-Small-LogoIt was a cold calm morning in Kansas. My gear was all ready and I was walking into my first stand of the morning on public ground. I got set up and blew one series of cottontail distress on a mouth call and a coyote showed up in front of me out in the grass. One shot later and my first coyote was down! I did some coyote pup distress to see if any more would show, but not here.

I traveled to my next stand at a public walk-in area and made my second stand of the day. I made the same initial series of cottontail distress and just a couple of minutes later coyote number two showed up. With careful aim, I watched the coyote drop just after I pulled the trigger on my .204!

On to stand three! It had worked good so far, so I started off using the same basic cottontail distress and just a minute or two later a coyote showed up in the grass 60 or 70 yards out. My first shot missed, but I quickly cycled the bolt and made my second shot count. As I watched the first coyote fall I noticed a bigger coyote leaving the pasture at about 100 yards and I got on him and rolled him up to! I went and collected my coyotes and then on to stand four I went.

On this stand I was set up over looking a big draw with some timber through the bottom. After my first series of calls I watched a coyote go into the timber and watched where I thought he would come out. About a minute later he came out and stopped broadside. I sent a 40-grain Berger out of the .204 and down went coyote number five! This day was without a doubt my best day of calling ever and I really did not have to do anything fancy with my calling to get the coyotes to respond. All of the coyotes were taken on public hunting or walk-in hunti