FOXPRO has been building electronic game calls for years and many predator hunters use and trust their quality products. Several years ago the company began offering a line of mouth-blown calls and now they are entering the market with a new hunt light.

The Aurora Scan Light features four color LED lights all in one unit. Users can switch between red, green, amber and white with the simple push of a button on the back of the "handgun" style light. The beam can be adjusted for a tight or wide focus and a trigger is used to turn the light on and off. FOXPRO said that the light will work in -20 degree temps, "No problem."

You can get the light in two different packages — basic and upgrade. The basic package comes with the light, a three-cell 11.1 volt lithium ion battery pack and a wall charger ($349). The upgrade package comes with the above itmes, as well as an additional battery pack, car charger and hard carry case ($449).

Be on the lookout for the Aurora light as well as new electronic calls. The light will be available to ship October 1, 2015.