There’s no denying the game-drawing power of food plots for deer and turkey hunters. While these targeted species are the reason hunters and land managers take the time, money and effort to plant lush green food plots, many other species of animals are drawn to the luscious green patches, too. Rabbits, mice, birds and a host of other critters feed in these man-made areas day in and day out. This concentration of prey is a magnet for predators and they will regularly hunt and live around these plots to survive the winter months — making these areas prime locations for predator calling.

If you have a plot of hunting ground, talk to the landowner to see if you can plant a food plot or two to hunt in and around this fall and winter. It’s especially worth the effort if you plan to deer or turkey hunt it, but it makes a great spot to come back again and again to call predators. Mark Kayser will share some great tips for planting your own predator-hunting hot spot this year. Check out the video!