Accufire Technology’s new Noctis V1 digital night and daytime rifle optic has been released, with several top features including  a 1-16x magnification and 2.95-inch HD digital display.

Accufire Technology’s Noctis V1 is changing the optics industry by offering quality, affordable night/day vision optics to the mass market. The Noctis V1 offers 1-16x magnification and a 2.95-inch HD digital display. The ultra-bright digital screen allows for easy day use in addition to its HD quality night vision.

Accufire Technologies Noctis V1

The Noctis V1 features ballistic solutions for a library of different ammo types and the onboard computer handles ballistic calculations at range based on your initial zero. The HD digital display includes both built-in audio/video recording and Wi-Fi sharing capabilities. You also can customize the scope’s reticle to match your firearm or shooting preference with multiple options.

Additionally, the Noctis V1 has a illuminator that reaches more than 300 yards, up to 18 hours of runtime, built-in audio/video recording, Wi-Fi capability, multiple reticle options and more.

The Noctis V1’s unique features and more than 16 U.S. patents make it the only digital scope you need for a variety of different firearm types. Unlike most night vision and thermal scopes on the market, the Noctis V1 can successfully handle the recoil of larger caliber firearms including 458 SOCOM, 338 Winchester Magnum, 45-70 Government and a 12-gauge shooting 3 ½ magnums.

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