Game cameras are fantastic tools for hunters and with an inexpensive trail camera mount you can save a few bucks while getting better images.

Whether you’re hunting predators, deer, trying to catch some scumbag poacher or trespasser, needing photos of wildlife for a kids’ school project or something else, game cameras are great. They’re even super for home security, thanks to the small size, ample nighttime capabilities and even today’s Bluetooth or remote photo texting technology.

Affixing a game camera to a tree or post can be simple. Just use the enclosed straps and put it on a tree. One issue with that, however, is the camera usually is in a static position facing directly whatever target is in front of it. That may be a mineral lick, corn pile, gut pile to see what predators are coming in, a trail or road, and so on.

Having a hinged camera mount easily solves this issue. With a hinged camera mount you can affix the mount, put on the camera and then swivel it in several directions for a different lens angle. You even can mount it higher on a tree, or perhaps on top of a pillar on your front porch, for more pinpoint aiming.

Here’s a cool video from Cabela’s Hunting about how to create your own camera mounts for just a few bucks. Smart, easy and a great DIY project for your hunting property.