Have you ever heard a strange noise at night and thought maybe it was a coyote — or coyotes — breaking into your house? Surely not. However, according to The Macomb Daily, that’s exactly what happened to John and Joyce Osborne of Washington Township, Michigan.

According to the newspaper, Joyce was awoken late at night on January 15 by what she believed was thunder. John also woke up, but he heard the sound of glass breaking — twice.

The paper reports the 71-year-old searched their condominium and eventually found a broken window on the ground floor in their finished basement. John told the reporter, “There was glass all over the place.”

There were a few items out of place, including an artificial tree. That’s when John noticed what he believed to be a fox laying on the fake foliage. Only thing was that critter was much bigger than a fox.

John Osborne shows where two coyotes broke through a window and into his home. (Photo credit: The Macomb Daily)

John Osborne shows where two coyotes broke through a window and into his home. (Photo credit: The Macomb Daily)

The Macomb Daily reports John called 911 and an animal control officer arrived 40 minutes later around midnight. The officer snagged and dragged the coyote from the house and released it onto the nearby Glacier Club golf course.

The End? Not Quite.

Following the late-night adventure, John headed back to the scene of the encounter. The newspaper reports that when John arrived, he noticed a coyote was still there on the fake tree.

John told the newspaper his first thought was, “I’m out of here,” and he made it outside before the sheriff’s deputy had even left the driveway. Animal control was called again. It caught the second coyote and released it onto the golf course behind John’s home.

“They didn’t make any noise. They were just scared,” John told The Macomb Daily.

The newspaper reports the animal control officer estimated each coyote weighed approximately 45 pounds.

“They must have hit the (window) like an explosion,” John told the newspaper. “There was glass up the hallway, glass all over the place.”

Critters Breaking Through Glass

The Macomb Daily reports Macomb County Chief Animal Control Officer Jeff Randazzo and John both said this is the first time they’ve experienced a wild animal of any kind making a Spiderman-like entrance, broken glass and all. But it’s more common than you might think.

The internet is full of numerous animals breaking through glass at zoos. Videos of deer colliding with glass are even more common. There’s also been documentation of animals flying through computer stores and college dorm windows.

Have you heard of coyotes breaking into a home through a window? More importantly, do you think releasing the predators nearby was a good idea? Let us know in the comment section below.