Despite a world chock full of pistol-gripped black guns, there's still room for the confident feel of a traditional stock and sight line. But what if you want that rifle feel but don't want to deal with racking a bolt for each shot?

If that's what you're thinking, you might want to take a look at the Browning BAR.

Tracing its lineage to the venerable Browning Automatic Rifle of World War II fame, the new BARs are a heavy-hitting alternative in a bolt gun world. With a variety of optional finishes and barrel lengths — and chambered in 13 calibers from 338 Lapua to 25-06 — the BAR is capable of tackling everything from the heaviest game and the most prolific varmints.

And Browning clearly paid close attention to detail in fit and finish. The BAR LongTrac Oil Finish, for example, would be at home on any high-class hunt. With its satin, nickle-plated alloy receiver and fully adjustable checkered walnut buttstock, the LongTrac's beauty is more than skin deep.

And if it's hogs you're after, check out the LongTrac Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity model or the ShortTrac Hog Stalker for reliable shots on those pesky pigs.