Quick acting by an Idaho family likely saved their 4-year-old daughter’s life.

The Idaho State Journal reports the family (no names listed) was sitting by a campfire the evening of Wednesday, August 12, when a mountain lion attempted to snatch their 4-year-old daughter. The story says the family began yelling at the mountain lion, and the predator dropped the child and fled.

According to the Idaho State Journal, the family said the daughter received only a few scratches.

The family took the child to Eastern Idaho Medical Center following the incident, while Idaho Fish and Game senior conservation officer Andrew Sorensen called local hound hunter Mike Pimentel to attempt to track the lion, the Idaho State Journal reports.

Reports say Pimentel treed a young female mountain lion around 2 a.m. a few hundred yards from where the family was camping. The cat was dispatched by deputies from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.