Facebook frames are ready-made, simple templates used to “frame” a user’s profile photo. The idea is organizations and other entities can offer these frames, allowing users to show solidarity in a shared cause, lifestyle or brand.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently released its version of a Facebook frame, and it’s been promptly hijacked by hunters, a group that’s often targeted by the animal rights group.

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), an organization focused on enhancing turkey populations through hunting and conservation practices, answered PETA’s “call” by sharing a “hijacked” PETA profile pic posted by one of its members.

We see you, Shane Simpson.

PETA has a long history of harassing hunters. Its members are often aggressive, trolling hunters on Facebook and other social media platforms. In May, when a hunter was crushed to death by an elephant, such posts on Twitter include comments about the incident, including “Glad you’re dead.”  Trolls also tweeted at the hunter’s daughter with comments like, “Sorry for your loss, but hope you get crushed too.” While it’s not certain these comments come from PETA members, the aggressive and violent language typifies the group’s online presence.

What is certain, however, is quite possibly the group’s most egregious attack on hunters. In 2013, the animal rights group sold drones with the intent of disrupting hunters while they were hunting. A post on PETA’s website, “Hunters Watch Out: PETA’s Drones Are Flying,” rallied its members with this sentiment:

“With PETA’s drones soaring overhead, we hope wildlife scofflaws will think twice before heeding the call of the vile.”

You see what they did there, right? So clever (not). But it’s the call of the wild. OK?

You know what, never mind. Whatever. Don’t worry about it.

Here’s some more good-natured snark from all regions of the country from midwestern big-game hunters to the South’s waterfowl hunters, each self-reliant, each resourceful, each the ultimate carnivore and paleo hero.

These boys just scored a freezer full of duck meat. Which means they could potentially try every recipe on Hank Shaw’s list.


This guy’s probably thinking, deer hunter photos have been done to death. Hey, I know!

I mean, does it have to be either/or? You know, hunters can take selfies with wild game they legally hunted and shot.

True, there are a lot of hunters posing with deer on Facebook. But there are a lot of families that kinda get pumped about venison for supper. Here are four recipes that’ll inspire.

Now see, turkey curry. That’s a really good point! We love turkey curry!

If you’d like to add PETA’s frame to your own Facebook profile photo, click here and type “PETA” in the search field.

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Featured image: John Hafner