At least eight people and several animals were bitten by a rabid coyote before it was killed by police in a town north of New York City.

The coyote, and possibly a second one, had residents near Yonkers in Westchester County alarmed due to the attacks. Police killed the coyote March 1 near a golf course in Yonkers, which is about 20 miles northeast of New York City.

Tests on the coyote determined it had rabies. Police said a dog and some sheep also were bitten.



“When my son came in last night, I mean he was shaking. … You figure it’s nighttime, you know whatever – not thinking much of it,” resident Donna Nolan told CBS New York. The next morning, an ambulance rushed to the neighborhood after a coyote attacked a mail carrier, biting her leg.

“She’s a nice girl. I feel terrible,” Nolan said. “I really hope she’s going to be OK.”

City officials closed some public parks in Hastings-on-Hudson near Yonkers as a search was conducted before the coyote was found and shot. Among those bitten were a postal worker and police officer searching for the animal. Police used a helocopter and drones as part of their search.

Officers with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation are assisting local authorities with the search for the second coyote.