This my first venture into serious trapping and I’ve already learned a few things about the trade. From the onset of my trapping efforts on our Borrowed Acres hunting property — to help reduce and manage the predator population to help boost fawn and turkey numbers — my goal is to document my efforts and share them with you. A big rule that I’ve learned is that traps don’t come from the store ready to go in the ground. Sure, you can set them as is, but that’s not really the right way.

The first thing you have to do is boil the factory oils and greases (protectants) off of the traps. Then you have to let the traps sit outside for a week or so and form a thin layer of rust (I skip this step with my traps for summer coyotes and explain in the video). Then you dye the traps, which darkens them and protects them. Then you wax them. I also show you how to night latch your traps to make setting them easier and more efficient, too.

Once all these steps are completed, then you have scent-free traps that are protected from moisture and ready to set in the ground.

This video shows the basics for getting your traps ready to go into the field. It’s not an in-depth how-to on trap modification. That will be covered in future videos. If you have a method you prefer or a suggestion that works better for you then post your comments below. The entire reason for these trapping videos and articles is so we can learn from them and help others along the way. That, and it’s fun as can be, too!

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