New Federal Premium 3rd Degree uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload to deliver lethal patterns at any range.  The result is a new, high-tech load specifically crafted to cover any situation a hunter might face.

The load blends three different types and sizes of shot, and combines technologies from the company’s most popular shotshell lines. This balanced combination results in a turkey hunter’s dream ammo—one load that works at all distances, from extremely close to the extended ranges that have set performance standards for today’s gobbler chasers.

Part of 3rd Degree’s payload is designed to quickly open into a deadly close-range pattern, even when using aftermarket turkey chokes. The load also uses a dose of copper-plated lead for the more common 20- to 40-yard shots. And for far-out birds, it contains ultra-dense HEAVYWEIGHT shot to deliver a consistent, long-distance punch. The entire payload is maximized by Federal Premium’s exclusive FLITECONTROL wad, which stays with the shot column longer for even, reliable patterns.

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