A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Bigfoot hunter and known perpetrator of hoaxes Rick Dyer, who claims to have — no really, he means it this time — shot and killed Bigfoot in San Antonio. According to Dyer, he killed Bigfoot in September of 2012 after baiting the creature with a slab of bbq ribs. Grand View Outdoors experts remain confused about the bait selection, considering Bigfoot's reputation as a beef jerky fan, but we can't argue with results.

Naturally, Dyer's claims have been met with skepticism now that he's going public with his tale and photos. The whole Internet is calling him every name in the book, but there's one label he can scratch off his resume: Outlaw. Turns out, Dyer was within his legal rights to kill the mythical creature.

"We don't acknowledge that [Bigfoot] exists. But if you wanted to shoot and kill a Bigfoot in the state of Texas, you would just need a hunting license," said Major Larry Young, game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

So there you have it — Bigfoot hunting is legal, at least in Texas. We wonder if the same goes for the infamous chupacabra?

Only one question remains: What is the ideal caliber for a Bigfoot gun?