When describing a fine Italian shotgun, sometimes it’s best to start by stating the obvious – they are, most often, works of absolute beauty.

Fausti’s latest Over/Under offering, the Italyco, definitely fits the bill. While there’s a lot more to this shotgun than its genuine good looks, failing to start there would do it a disservice.

Beyond its beauty, the Italyco’s round body also feels good in the hand. It is lightweight and mounts with a cleanliness and elegance that put a smile on my face. The receiver’s hand engraving is very pleasing to the eye, and the addition of hand checkering and high quality wood in the stock makes this shotgun a sight to behold. As with all Fausti guns, customization is available.

The Italyco will be available in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga and 28ga (scaled to frame). Visit www.faustiusa.com for more information.