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Combat ‘Epic Lyme Disease Outbreak’

Hunters have always had a disproportionate number of run-ins with ticks and tick-borne diseases given the amount of time they spend in the woods. What’s new, however, is the increased number of encounters they’re dealing with in their own backyards. Couple this with surging reports of Lyme disease cases and you have people in an all-out war against this blood-sucking pest.

The New York Post calls this spring “the brink of an epic Lyme Disease Outbreak,” while the New Scientist reports Lyme is “set to explode” and Shape Magazine headlines its news story with, “Lyme Disease Is About to Spike Hard This Summer.”

When it comes to disease of any kind, “spiking hard” is not what you want.

Learn more about the spread of Lyme, its causes and how to stop it in your own backyard.