Team Spot-Hogg was happy to show off several new products that include the nifty Whipper

Snapper thumb-trigger/back tension release.

Lennie Rezmer shows off one of the new and improved Gorilla G-Series Safety Harnesses.

Both the G30 and G20 models feature more all-season comfort, and adjustable easy-on and

easy-off fit.

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Bushnell Trophy Cams are much improved for 2012; you’ll find true HD video resolution with

audio record—and brighter, sharper nighttime images courtesy of Hyper Night Vision (no-glow

black LED models offer absolute stealth).

Danner’s new Full Curl boot was built with mountain hunting conditions in mind, including the

Pebax framework that allows springboard return, and dual density polyurethane midsole for shock

absorption and durability. It’s also the first footwear to use Gore Optifade Open Country camo.