Central Texas Gunworks in Austin, Texas became the first gun store in the U.S. to allow the controversial Bitcoin currency.

From Forbes:

Unlike the black market sites that have used Bitcoin to protect the identity of gun traders, Cargill makes clear there's nothing anonymous about buying a gun with Bitcoin in his store. He still requires the same paperwork and background check that he would of any buyer. Even online buyers can only have firearms shipped to a nearby gun store where the same legal process applies.

Instead of evading the law, he says that accepting Bitcoin was more of an ideological decision, tying together his libertarian opposition to regulations on firearms and finance. "I stand in front of my [self-defense] classes and tell them this is about their personal protection. This is about taking their on personal protection into their own hands," Cargill says. "It's the same thing for Bitcoin. It's about taking that financial responsibility upon yourself and controlling your finances yourself, and not depending on the banking systems who are too big to fail."