The Becoming an Outdoors Woman program offers instruction and training to women who want to learn how to hunt and fish but don’t know where to start — all in a fun, relaxed, girl’s-night-out atmosphere.

It’s no secret that women are joining the ranks of hunters in record numbers. But if you’re not born into a hunting family or have friends who hunt or shoot, the barriers to entry are pretty high. If you’re interested in the outdoors but don’t know anyone who can get you started, where do you even begin to learn?

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman program, started in 1995, is a terrific solution to this problem. It attracts women of all ages (18 and older) and experience levels and offers a variety of classes related to the outdoors. Archery, firearms instruction, hiking, birdwatching, camping, fishing, trapping, first aide, handling game meat, bee keeping, rock climbing, motor boat handling — you name it, BOW likely offers a class where you can learn it.

BOW events are generally held over a weekend and offer three days of courses. It’s like one long girl’s night out — but in the woods!