As if the world of electronic rifle sights couldn’t get any more sci-fi, the engineers at TrackingPoint have just released a video showing the work they’ve done to make their optic more futuristic.

In a June 4 video posted on the Austin, Texas-based company’s TrackingPoint Labs YouTube page, the company shows how its networked tracking scope can stream data to a Google Glass wearable computer and execute precision shots around corners, over berms and behind your back.

The TrackingPoint optic already has the capability to stream shot data and picture to any wifi-enabled device, like a tablet or smart phone, so the integration with Google Glass isn’t a huge technological leap. But the idea that someone can use Google Glass to make their shots without looking down the scope is unique enough to raise eyebrows.

Some reports indicate the integration of TrackingPoint’s Precision Guided Firearm technology into wearable computing won’t be available to civilian shooters. The company has sent several of its systems to the Army for testing, though it’s unclear if the Google Glass-enabled technology has been shared with the military.

Whether this gets into the hands of everyday sportsmen is still an open question, but from the looks of it, TrackingPoint continues to push the envelope on how far a shooter can reach.