Bersa may not be a name one immediately thinks of when it comes to buying a concealed carry pistol, but the Argentine firearms manufacturer — distributed in the U.S by Eagle Imports in New Jersey — offers a few nifty compact semi-auto handguns, including the Thunder 380CC, which is available in both black and pink grips, weighing less than 16½ ounces.

"It's our bread and butter concealed carry pistol, especially for women," said sales manager Aaron Watson. "I used to work in retail and from my experience, I know that most women want a safety on their pistols, because they'll carry them in their pockets or purses. They also want comfort, and with the pinkly extender on the 380CC, these pistols are comfortable in women's hands."

The Thunder 390CC is also available with Pink Crimson Trace grips, whose laser is activated by simply squeezing the grip. "You don't even have to think about it."