“The new TFX from TRUGLO incorporates our Tritium Fiber Optic Technology,” said TRUGLO’s Jeff McNail. “What we’ve done is we’ve taken the Tritium in the fiber optic and we’ve encapsulated it. This makes it impervious to any harsh chemicals. It will withstand harsh solvents and things like that during the cleaning process. Plus, because the fiber optic is encapsulated, it makes the sight bulletproof. Guys won’t have to worry about sight damage or ever losing any brightness.”

Impressed by its bright and durable nature, this handgun sight is said by TRUGLO to be duty tested and duty proven. In addition, the White Focus Ring promises rapid target acquisition.

“The White Focus Ring really boots target acquisition,” McNail went on. “Serious handgun shooters are really going to notice and appreciate this White Ring feature. We also went for a little bit different cut to the rear, but the cut is generous to help align the front and rear sight.”

Lightweight and ultra-easy to place on a handgun, the TFX from TRUGLO is sure to be a hit in 2015. The TFO promises 24/7/365 brightness no matter the environment or conditions you’re in.

For more information, visit www.truglo.com.