The company that shocked the AR world last year with a fully-legal trigger that makes a standard AR-15 rifle fire near full auto speeds has just released a new version of the innovative trigger that’ll satisfy both the high-speed shooter and the precision marksman.

The new Tac-Con 241 trigger has three modes like the old 3MR trigger, but this time replaces the standard single stage with a two stage precision trigger. The first mode is the so-called “Tac-Con” mode that has an assisted reset that gets split times into the blurry zone, while the second mode has a gauzy 3.5-pound take up and a 1 pound break.

Tactical Fire Control has also dropped the price on the 241 trigger to an MSRP of $395.

And AK lovers can rejoice as well since the company has also released the so-called “Raptor” trigger for the world’s most prolific rifle. The Raptor is similar to the original 3MR trigger with a standard single-stage setting and the assisted reset third mode.

The Raptor will retail for around $350.