Mississippi has created an annual weekend holiday that should make every gun lover and owner want to head to the Magnolia State.

Last week marked the three year Mississippi has hosted a tax-free weekend for all firearms and accessories. News 3 reports buyers came from within the state and most of those bordering, but some even came from further.

The TV station spoke to Tom Taylor, who drove to Southaven, Mississippi from St. Louis, but he had no idea of the tax break until he arrived at Dabbs Gun and Pawn.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” Taylor told News 3. “It paid for our ammo.”

Mississippi’s tax-free weekend on firearms is joined by Louisiana, but Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon each do not ever charge sales tax on gun-related purchases.

For Mississippi, the weekend event has been a win for everyone.

Monty Dabbs, owner of Dabbs Gun and Pawn, told News 3 the weekend was “awesome,” adding people will wait until tax-free weekend to buy guns and ammo. For the “holiday,” Dabbs told the news station he even extended his hours.

Of all sales, it may not be much of a surprise that Dabbs says AR-15s are the most popular purchase.

“The people are scared the government may take them away, these style guns,” he told News 3. “People are buying them while they still can.”

Mississippi and Louisiana have this event annually, usually the last weekend of August or first of September.