Residents of a San Antonio suburban neighborhood had enough of a recent wave crimes, especially car burglaries, they’re handling it themselves. reports a handful of homeowners at the Oaks at Cobblestone, a gated community, have formed groups that keep watch of the neighborhood each night. Members wear military gear and carry M4 rifles while looking for suspicious activity.

“We care about the people around here,” one patrol member told “These are our kids and our wives.”

Vice President of the Cobblestone Homeowner Association’s Board of Directors Richard Gorman told the website he’s licensed to carry and believes in the Second Amendment.

“I also feel there is a right way to handle crime,” he added.

The resident’s decision was sparked after a shooting occurred earlier in the week, reports.

It’s reported an elderly resident told police he was shot with his own gun by a man described as “Hispanic and wearing a hoodie.”