Grand View Outdoors had a chance to take a look at the new AR Mag Charger from Caldwell Shooting Supplies and definitely liked the ease with which the new little device helps load magazines for your AR.

The Mag Charger allows a shooter to dump 50 rounds of ammo into its ammo carrier and load five rounds into a standard-sized magazine with a simple push of the spring-loaded plunger. It takes about 10 seconds to load one mag and it helpfully avoids that callous-inducting single round thumb push of old.

The AR Mag Charger is a great product for shooters who take their ARs to the range with kids since small hands have a hard time loading up a magazine the old fashioned way. And it might also be a nice thing to have on hand for businesses who own ranges to help keep shooters moving.

The AR Mag Charger is compatible with .223, 5.56 and .204 rounds, and at $89.99 MSRP, the AR Mag Charger isn’t cheap. But what price can a shooter put on getting more rounds down range instead of burning time loading mags all day?