Republican candidate for Alabama District 6 (one of the most Republican districts in the country), Will Brooke, recently launched an ad campaign where he literally tries to shoot holes through Obamacare. The ad, “Let’s Do Some Damage,” shows Brooke placing a stack of papers purported to be a copy of the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — into the back of his pickup truck for some target practice.

As an avid shooter and hunter, I was impressed with the target stand that Brooke built on site in the ad before placing the thick stack of papers in it. Equally impressive, was Brooke’s arsenal of weapons that he used to shoot at Obamacare with — handgun, bolt-action rifle and AR-15. There was some nice product placement of shooting accessories in the ad, too. reported that “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" lashed out on air.

During the Thursday night segment, Stewart shows several older ads featuring candidates shooting up bills or laws, before asking, "I wonder if we'll see any new bill-shooting ads that somehow out-bat[expletive] the previous ones?"

Tape of the Will Brooke ad immediately rolls. After Brooke is shown shooting a handgun at the law, Stewart mocks it.

"Oh, scary, a handgun?" Stewart says, waving his hands. "Come on, are you trying to kill Obamacare or give it a flesh wound?"

When Brooke pulls out a rifle, Stewart says, "I, uh, I didn't know you weren't done yet." When he pulls out another rifle, Stewart says "Holy [expletive], when did opposing healthcare reform become the Sonny death scene from 'The Godfather'?"

What do you think about the ad? Like it, love it, hate it?