Are you a gun nut whose safe is bursting with Mausers, muskets and M1s? Are you so tacticool you've not only been there, done that and got the t-shirt, but have the hat too? If you answered yes, then there's a new reality show brewing that might need you.

According to a release thrown our way, gun guys and gals of all stripes are encouraged to submit their stories for consideration to be cast in the new show.

"A New York-based television production company is looking for the most dynamic, outgoing, and charismatic personalities to showcase their vast knowledge of firearms and weapons," we're told. "We are interested in individuals with an array of knowledge — from historical to modern weapons, and everything in-between."

The show is produced by the same company that brought "Pawn Stars," "American Restoration" and "Counting Cars" to the mid-week cable lineup.

If you're the nuttiest gun nut around, drop the producers a line and take your shot at reality show fame. They can be contacted at